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Hello and welcome to TTG. I originally started this blog to record the random witterings of a model painter and wargamer. I use it to share pictures of completed projects, battler reports and sometimes even my thoughts. I hope that you enjoy the very occasionally updated content. I have left my very first battle report on the front page to give you some idea what to expect.

Battle Empire of Dust Vs Ogres

The very lovely Bob Nelson and Jan Stother were kind enough to drive all the way down to TTG for a game of Kings of War outside the Hawleys Arms. BBQ and beer were involved and as promised I said that I would attempt a battle report. This gentle reader is my first go at a battle report. So I will kick off with the force compositions firstly my Empire of Dust force:                  

Mummies Regiment – Hann’s Sanguinary Scripture.   

Mummies Regiment – Liliana’s Tear.                                   

Revenants Horde- Aegis of the Elohi.                                     

Skeleton Spearmen Horde 

Desert Swarm* regiment               

Desert Swarm* Regiment

Enslaved Guardian Archers*  Horde.                                   

Enslaved Guardians Horde

Empire of Dust Balefire Catapult

Soul Snare [1]                     

Monolith [1]                     

Ahmunite Pharaoh – Eternal Guard.                                       

Cursed High Priest : Surge (8)

Idol of Shobik [1]

This came to exactly 2300 points and if I’m honest was largely dictated by what I had available and painted. Even then I had to use a horde of zombies to represent the horde of revenants as I have yet to finish painting the horde. It’s also the first run out for my Empire of Dust and my first game of Kings of War in well over a year so I am sure mistakes were made.

The ogre line up was as follows:

Red Goblin Scouts Troop

Red Goblin Scouts Troop

Warrior Chariots Regiment – Sir Jesses boots of striding

Warrior Chariots Regiment – Mccwars potion of the caterpillar

Hunters horde – Chalice of Wrath and crocodog

Hunters horde – Dwarven Ale and crocodog

Berserker Braves  horde – Blessing of the gods

Berserker Braves horde – Chant of Hate

Ogre Warlock – drain life

Ogre Warlock – drain life

Ogre Warlock – Boomstick

Berserker Bully 


Before we started we rolled for the scenario and got “Smoke and mirrors” another new experience for me. We each put down our counters and it was on with deployment.

I wanted to set up two battle groups. So from my right to left i deployed a regiment of mummies with the pharoah behind them for that elite aura goodness. Next was the guardian archers with the idol of Shobik behind them. Another regiment of mummies with Lelanas tear and a desert swarm deployed in front of them. The middle of the board had a river running through it so i plonked the catapult in the middle of it for good all round shootiness.

The other side of the river had my enslaved guardians with the obelisk behind them, another regiment of desert swarm to screen the skeleton spears and the soul snare behind it. Lastly the cursed priest and the proxied revenant horde. All of these were in height zero cover.

On the opposite side of the board and next to the Tower of Power (Alexa was belting out pirate metal tunes for the entire duration of the battle and doubled as scenary) Bob placed his two chariot regiments and some fleabag chaff.

Next to the chariots Bob had placed Nomagarok, and a horde of hunters. Two ogre warlocks stood in front of the berserker horde. The (ratty) hill had another warlock behind another horde of hunters and the other berserker horde. The berserker bully was put towards one flank.

And lastly, looking all lonely in front of the cludgy the last red goblin scouts. Deployment over with we rolled for turn one and the Empire of Dust opted to go first.


Both desert swarms were moved at the double forwards for their scouting move which put the ones opposite the chariots within charge range of the red goblin scouts. Not one to waste an opportunity they took the charge. Everything else shuffled forwards with one regiment of mummies sticking behind the house. Shooting saw the catapult hit one of the warlocks with both attacks doing five wounds. The guardian archers also managed to do 3 wounds to the ogre berserkers but not enough to trouble them (mistake one i didn’t take -2 off their to hit roll for having the potshot rule).

In response Bob countercharged the desert swarm next to the Tower with the goblins and also flank charged them with a chariot regiment. On the other flank his goblin scouts moved all the way down the board threatening the flank of the mummies.  Shooting saw lightning bolts putting 5 wounds onto the enslaved guardians and a wound on the desert swarm. Neither was enough to trouble them. The multicharged desert swarm was deleted in short order the ogres doing what they do best by putting a ton of wounds onto them. We each flipped a token towards the centre of the board revealing that they both had 0 value.

The centre of the board after turn one showing Bobs fetching legs
First blood to the ogres. Guess they aren’t beatles fans
Erm we aren’t gonna fit lads

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Those dang pesky gobboes

Turn 2

I decided to charge the ogre bully with my remaining desert swarm figuring i could at least hold him up a little. The mummies on the extreme right turned and advanced slowly towards the annoying goblin scouts threatening the flank stopping around an inch away. The rest of the army again shuffled forwards aside from the guardian archers who stayed put.  Shooting saw the catapult hit the warlock again causing three wounds and putting her up to 8. I managed to get the surge into combat with the mummies on the chaff from the pharoah. The guardian archers did another three wounds to the berserkers taking them to 6 but that wasn’t enough to worry them. The soul snare tried to drain life on the goblin scouts and failed miserably. Combat didn’t go any better with the desert swarm as they failed to do a single wound on the bully. The mummies on the right flank put 7 wounds onto the goblin scouts but a poor nerve roll meant that they could only waver them.

Persistent little blighters

Ogre turn two saw the wavered chaff reverse out of combat and everything again moving forwards apart from the chariots who chose to hang back a bit. The ogre berserkers saw an opening and went into the front to the mummies behind the house. Lightning bolts saw another wound put onto the enslaved guardians taking them to 6 but they bore up resolutely

These guys need earthing rods

Combat saw the ogre bully put 2 wounds on the beatles bringing them to 3 total and the ogre berserkers threshing machine only manage 5 onto the mummies. Both of these units lived to fight another day.

reverse reverse
She likes to catch skulls

Turn two ended we both decided to flip the token on the tower of power side revealing that we had both placed a two point token there.

half a skelly unit removed to show the token placement. Great minds and all that.

Turn 3

Things were hotting up and the Ahmunite undead had tasted blood but so far had been unsuccesful in removing any of their lumbering opponents. The mummies denied a victory on the right flank once more charged the beleagured goblins in the hope of finishing them off. The mummies counter charged the ogre berserkers along with a charge from the guardian archers. The skeletons seeing the bait of the goblin scouts in front of them just out of range decided to advance. The desert swarm charged the ogre bully yet again. Everything else shuffled forwards apart from the damaged guardians turning and hiding behind the house.

Shooting saw the soul snare put three wounds on the chariot which was used to heal the guardians. The catapult missed completely as it would continue to do so for the rest of the game. The monolith and the priest managed to get enough sucesses to surge the skeletons into the goblins.  Shobik healed the mummies of all but one point of damage.

Combat saw the mummies obliterate the already sorely damaged goblin scouts on the right and reform facing forwards. The mummies with the guardian archers in the flank did more than enough to see off the berserkers and got a 6 inch overrun. then came the skeletons. 25 attacks into the goblins did 8 wounds. The nerve roll came around and….


The beatles once more failed to do anything to the berserker bully. Maybe ogre BO is an effective insecticide.

Ogres incensed by the loss of their brave berserkers and scout goblins did a lot of moving forwards but not much else.  The goblins counter charged the skeletons but didn’t do anything while the chariots hung back and shuffled around and everything else once again moved forwards but this time angling towards the right hand side of the board. Bob wanted those four points.The warlock was healed by Nomogarok of four wounds.

The ogre bully flailed desperately at the beatle swarm and did another 3 wounds but amazingly those beatles refused to die.

At the end of the turn I flipped a token in the middle revealing a 0 point bluff counter while Bob chose the one of the left revealing another 1 pointer.

Just shamblin
whoops too far
Ringo and Paul still holding on
A wider look at the tragedy

Turn 4

The skeleton horde charged the goblins on the left again. They really wanted that chaff gone. the revenants continued to shamble forwards to claim the other 2 point token. I made a mistake as the exposed mummies on the right hand side reversed back behind the house instead of moving towards the ogre bully. Shobik moved towards the slightly damaged mummy horde with the intent to heal it (mistake 2 i forgot all about regen on them). The mummies on the extreme right moved forward a bit to start to go for the one point objective i knew that i had placed in the top right side of the board near the cludgy. The stubborn desert swarm charged the ogre bully again.

Shooting saw the guardian archers put a few wounds on the unhurt ogre warlock but not enough to phase him. The soul snare drained life on the chariots again for another three wounds which fully healed the enslaved guardians and shobik healed the last point on the mummy. The catapult missed both its attacks again.

In the Combat phase the skeleton horde finally finished off the goblin scouts and shuffled back an inch to firmly claim the 2 point token. The desert swarm failed to do any wounds to the ogre bully again.

The ogres again moved forward and shuffled the chariots into position. The hunters charged the catapult and the other hunter regiment moved adjacent to the building the guardians were cowering (ahem taking cover) behind so they could see the rear of the unit. The berserker horde changed facing to prevent any possible flanking from the mummies behind the building.

The ogres healed the orginal damaged warlock in the shooting phase and attempted to heal the chariots but failed.

In the combat phase the ogre bully finally finished the desert swarm off, turned to face the token in the top right and as expected the catapult was toast. The hunters refaced towards Shobik. Objective tokens were flipped revealing the one point token in the top right and a one point token in the bottom left next to the mummies. Looks like they are staying put after all.

Thats torn it
Excellent shot of the tower of power.

Turn 5

At this point things are looking pretty rosy for the Empire of Dust. I am currently sat on 5 victory points and the ogres on 0, so unless the ogres can shift me I should win this one. So this turn I didn’t do much. I turned the guardians 180 degrees so their rear wasn’t exposed. Shobik charged the hunters who had just stomped the catapult. The mummies near Shobik turned about face ready to support him. The guardian archers shot at the chariot regiment putting a couple of wounds on it. This turned out to be enough to kill it off altogether with a very handy 10 followed by an 11 rolled on the nerve check. The soul snare drained the life of the hunter horde lurking around the house and putting a couple of wounds on it. In combat Shobik did a whopping 7 wounds to the ogre hunters! They were really unimpressed but refused to budge.

That’s how we roll

The ogre turn five saw the hunters counter charging Shobik as well as the other hunter horde charging the guardians in the front. The bully made his way over to sit on the 1 point token and the last chariot regiment got into position to charge the revenants.

The warlocks managed to bane chant the ogre hunters helping with their combat and to heal back the wounded warlock.

The result of the combat was the hunters managed 10 wounds but couldn’t budge the guardians. The hunters against Shobik managed to put 4 wounds on him taking him to 6. Again he wasn’t going anywhere

Just splashing around

Turn 6

This is where things started getting serious. The enslaved guardians counter charged the hunter horde and the mummies joined Shobik against the other hunter horde. The idol maneuvered so that it cast drain life on the hunter horde and not get in the way.

Drain life only managed a couple of wounds on the hunters and that healed the enslaved guardians back to 8. That combined with the combat efforts of the guardians put the hunters on 10 wounds. Sadly I couldn’t do more than waver them. With the dwarven ale that wasn’t enough to stop them counter attacking.


Shobik and the mummies were more successful however doing more than enough to rout the already damaged hunter horde.

Ogre turn 6 and the chariot regiment finally made its move charging into the revenants. The hunter horde combat was ongoing but not much else moved. The ogre warlocks failed to lightning bolt Shobik and also to re bane chant the hunters. It didn’t matter in the end the ogres killed off the enslaved guardians anyway and then over ran to within an inch of the skeletons rear.

The chariots failed to kill the revenants putting them on 7 wounds. They managed to get one of those back from iron resolve.

and there it should have ended….

Turn 7

At this point I was ahead 5 to 1 on points. We rolled for turn 7 and of course it came up. Now I haven’t taken many photos of this so will describe what happend. Firstly I about faced the skeletons and surged them into the badly wounded ogres with the monolith. The revenants went back into the chariots and did 7 wounds but could not break them. The spearmen finished off the badly wounded ogres and it is here I made a fatal error. I didn’t reform the skeletons!

On the ogre turn Bob simply backed his chariots up an inch and charged them into the rear of the skeletons utterly crushing them. The over run put him over the token so the game ended in a three all draw.

So that concludes this extremely amateur battle report. Thanks to Bob and Jan for making it possible and being very patient with my rules questions.

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